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Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch SOFTBALL:

Similar to the third baseman in distance from the batter, once the pitch is delivered (i.e. 3035ft.) plus all of the other factors, the pitcher is being required to wear a Game Face.

Third Base
Due to the close playing position of the batter (i.e. 30-40 ft.), the hardness of the ball, and the speed of the ball coming off the aluminum bat, leagues have started requiring the position player to wear a GameFace.

Infield Practice
Coaches are using the Game Face for hitting the ball extremely hard during practice so the players get used to fielding hard hit balls during the game without fear. This also allows for the coach to forget the fear of "bad-hops."

Bunting and Slap Hitting Practice
Coaches are using the Game Face to teach the bunt and slap, thus eliminating the fear of the ball ricocheting off the bat into the player's face.

Substitute Catcher's Mask
Coaches are using the Game Face in place of the catcher's mask when warming up the pitcher, since it is much lighter and more comfortable than a catcher's mask.

Batters are using the Game Face in place of the helmet with a cage since it gives better vision and is so much lighter than the helmet with a cage. Once on base, the runner likes the Game Face instead of the helmet with a cage because the heavier cage causes the helmet to slip down over the eyes when running.

Uses for Other Sports
Facial or Dental Injury
Doctors and Dentists are recommending the Game Face once a player suffers a facial or dental injury, as it protects the injury during recovery and allows the player to get back on the field quickly.

Parents and Dentists are having the players who have braces wear the Game Face.

Parents are having the players that wear glasses wear the Game Face.

Special Olympics
Adults associated with the Special Olympics Program are having players wear a Game Face.

Padded Game Face for almost any sport
Our padded mask is verstatile enough to be used in almost any sport. Including...

Flag Football
Field Hockey
and others...

Size: Medium

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