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"The most horrifying site I have ever seen on the softball field happened while my 11 year old daughter, Kim, was pitching in a tournament. All of a sudden, the batter hit a line drive right at my daughter’s left eye. Although Kim had caught many line drives before which were headed towards her face or body, this one came too hard and too fast. Kim went down and I (her coach as well as her mother) rushed onto the field. The terrifying sounds coming from my child were deafening. Kim is not one to cry, but now she was howling in pain. I pray that no other coach or parent has to witness such an event. She barely got the finger tips of her glove on the ball. Luckily the ball also grazed the bill of her hat or else her entire eye socket would have been shattered. However, the bone which supports the eye was fractured requiring Kim to have surgery to get it repaired.

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Dear Game Face,

Thanks for a great product! With minimal modification, the mask provided my patient with the protection and confidence to return to the basketball court soon after breaking his lower jaw. The mask was comfortable and did not interfere with his vision or breathing during the games. The player, the coaches and the fans were all very pleased.

Thanks again!

Dr. Dave Kretzschmar, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.


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Hey all, I just wanted to let everyone know that a few years ago my daughter was the typical teenage pitcher hesistant to wear the game face mask there was always a reason for not wearing it. Well she got line drived in the shoulder thank goodness she was fine. Ever since that day she has not stepped on the field to pitch or play 1st 3rd or short without. She had the fear put into her that day. Today I am happy to say the she was once again line drived this time the hit was taken at the left side of her face the sounds were heard were just horrific. Thank god for her wearing her game face mask. The mask absorbed almost all of the impact, the ball was hit with such force that the mask did break but other then a fat lip she is fine. No damge to her sweet face or teeth. If she had not been wearing a game face mask her face would have been totally destroyed. After our game was over today several people who saw the blow inquired as to where the mask came from and said that their clildren will be now wearing the mask. I certainly hope they do because as we all know any facial injury to a child is so devistating. I am happy to say we will be purchasing 2 masks this time around. You never know when you might need a spare. Thanks Game face
- angi
About three weeks ago i was playing in a travel tournament with my team,and i had my game face on . The previous week my coach had asked me if I was having trouble seeing with the gameface on. I told him no , and that as a firstbasemen i had to wear it. He said okay . The next week at a state tournament I was hit with a lineshot to the side of my head . The Impact from the ball was so hard it blew my sunglasses apart and knocked me back . The opposing coaches ran over to see how i was , and told me if it were'nt for gameface i couldve had bad damage to my eyesocket and nose. I am now extremly happy i wear my gameface , and so are my coaches
- Laura Kusiak
Just 1 week after my daughters coach inquired why she wore a face mask at first base while moving in on a batter she was struck w/a line drive on the game face just above the cheek and below her eyebrow the opposing 1st base coach immediately called time after his girl reached first to check on my daughter, other than broken sunglasses and a small bruise above her brow from the impact she continued play. Gameface prevented a tragedy

Thanks Mark (still waiting on a sun visor)
- Laura Kusiak
First of all i wear the face mask and love it. During a varsity softball game I was pitching in the opposing pitcher took a line drive right in the face by our 9 hitter. She was able to redirect the ball with her glove so that it didn't hit her diretly in the eye. The ball ended up hitting right below the eye breaking her orbital bone in her face. Now her eye doesnt dialate and when ever she is outside she has to where sunglasses, I felt so bad but also thankful because I knew that with the game face I would be protected from an injury like this.
- Riley
Before our game the team was warming throwing when EVERYONE on the team turned to look at another game that was going on. Well one girl didn't get the memo and threw the ball at her partner, when she realized she wasnt looking she called the girls name. The girl turned around and got hit right in the mouth. As soon as she got home her parents ordered the game face. Now she wears the game face all the time.
- Riley
Hello there... my name is Shelly and I have a daughter who plays traveling softball at a 10U level in Illinois. About 1-2 months ago we decided as a team that we should purchase face guards for our girls to wear. My daughter, Maddy was very receptive to this and started wearing her guard as soon as we received it. It has become part of her "gear" she has to have to play a game or even practice. Last Sunday we were playing a double header practice game to prepare for ASA Nationals. My daughter is a pitcher and the batter hit a VERY HARD line drive right back at my daughter. It hit my daughter in the left cheek area. She didn't even have time to react. She was shaken right away and crying. When we got her to the dug-out she was bleeding but not because of the face guard. Her sunglasses had moved and the lens popped out and cut her above her left eyebrow. She ended up with 6 stitches and a blackeye. Her face guard did not shatter, crack or anything. It saved her face and possibly her life. The alternative had she not had the face guard on is just something we could not even think about! I just want to say THANK YOU for distributing this product. I wish more teams would require face guards for their players. The opposing team e-mailed our coach asking for your contact info. Not surprising.... they are purchasing face guards also.

Thank you again. Your product is quality beyond words!


Shelly Gardner
Sycamore Illinois

- Shelly Gardner
On June 28, 2007 my 10 and under softball All Star team was playing in the State tournament. I play third base. I went for an infield pop fly but missed it. My friend who was playing shortstop backed me up. I went back to the third base bag to get ready to catch the ball since a base runner was on her way to third. My friend threw the ball too soon, and when I turned around it hit me in the mouth. I got a tooth knocked out, but it was a baby tooth. Two other teeth got hit, too. I am going to be getting braces in a few months. The next game I borrowed a teammate's Gameface. We won the tournament and will be going to Texas on July 19th for the Dixie Angels World Series! I plan on wearing the Gameface. I know that my face will be protected, and I won't be scared of the ball. I recommend the Gameface to anyone that plays softball, not just the pitchers.
- Hannah Kate Jones, Perry, GA
It was my senior year and my softball team had a scrimmage againest another team. An average sized girl came up to hit and everything she hit was hard and foul. I had a feeling our pitcher was going to strike her out but she didn't. This girl hit a line drive at me and my face at my third base position. I had a split second to react. The ball hit my hand right as I got it to my face to protect it, and my fingers went numb for about an hour. I finished the inning scared out of my mind and went to the dugout crying. All I could think about was if I hadn't got my hand up in time I could very well be dead or in a coma. The next day I ordered a gameface and I have worn it ever since because I don't feel secure without it. Thank you for your product.
- Nicole
i was playing in my 10 and under all star tournament and i was running up for a pop went under my glove and shortstop (my best friend) backed me up.i was going back to third base to catch the ball and she had all ready started to throw the ball.right when i turned around the ball was right in front of my hit me right in the made my lip swollen and it knocked out one of my baby top teeth and knocked back two of my permanent teeth.i went to the perry dentist and he pushed up the two teeth that got knocked back the best he my lip and my teeth look WAY better. i use a game face mask and it works really good!
- HKJ,10
Well I was playing 8th grade school ball one day and I was pitching all of of sudden the girl hit a line drive to my face. I was rushed to the hospital and found out I had fractured 3 bones in my cheek and needed surgery. The following week I had surgery and I got a titanium plate for each broken bone. Today I went back to the doctor and they gave me the ok to go back to playing softball. I'm ordering this mask and going back as soon as i get it!!!!
- ashley
It works! My 12U pitcher daughter took a hard linedrive to the face today and had her Gameface on. The impact was just to the side of the right eye. She was incredibly frightened but had no significant injury. Thank you so much for making this product available.
- Connie
last year i played rec ball in the 12u league. we were an unbeatable team and all the girls threw really hard and right to you. it was the first time i had ever played first and while we were warming up, my coach was talking to me. then one of the strongest arms at third threw the ball at me while i was talking. i turned my head beacause she was yelling HEADS! HEADS! right as i turned the ball hit me right below my right eye socket. it was the worst pain i ever felt. now that i am starting on my traveling team i am getting a gameface because a friend of mine on another traveling team had a fast grounder hit to her and it bounced and shattered her nose.she has to get plastic surgery now and wont be able to play for a while so she is also getting a gameface. thankyou for creating such a great product!
- Jordyn
Hi, my name is braxton. i play in the 11-12 baseball league. On May 10,2007 I was pitching and a line drive was hit right back to me. It hit me in the face and broke my nose,my eye socket,and my cheek bone. Also right in under my eye it shattered part of my cheek bone. So about two weeks later my mom bought me a Gameface. Also play with it in field gave me alot more confidence. And thanks to the invention i'll be able to play in the all-stars tournament. Once agian thanks, Braxton
- braxton baugus
My daughter plays on a 10-U travel team from Lakeland, Fl. She is a pitcher and my biggest fear was her getting hit in the face. Well on this past Sunday, June 10,2007 she got hit in the face and we were 1 game away from going into the championship. Blood was pouring out of her nose and I actually thought she got hit on the nose but she didn't. She got hit on the forehead. We took her to the hospital and the x-rays came out fine. So immediatley the next day we ordered a game face, and I highly recommend other parents to do the same. I really thought that she had been seriously hurt. All before when I mention the game face she thought that she would look silly wearing it, but on Sunday she asked me to order her one. She really Loves softball and Loves to pitch. I really think it should be mandatory everywhere.
Mae Farley- Lakeland, Fl
- Mae Farley
I have never been hit in the face before but after looking at this website ,i asked my dad if i could get one.Because i play pitcher and a lot of other places.
- Emily
I coach a 12U travel team and this past week-end we had a horrible accident happen at 3rd base. My 3rd baseman (SCOOBY) was hit right between the eyes by a line drive knocking her straight to the ground. The ball came at her so fast she barely had time to get her glove up. She was taken to the ER and they found that she had cracked her skull between her eye brows and over her right eye....she also had a bruise on the back of her brain. She spent a couple days in Pediatric ICU for observation and was sent home to recover. I don't know how many times this has come "close" to happening but it ended up an "outstanding" play. All it takes is one time to open my eyes to the danger that these girls are in every time the ball is hit. I know that my daughter and severl others in the infield will by ordering a GAMEFACE to help prevent this from ever happening again.
- Brian McManus
I want to thank your company for saving my 8 year old son’s face from severe and possibly permanent damage by using your product while pitching this weekend. My son, MJ, is a pitcher for the East Cobb Astros(Marietta, GA) 8 and under travel team, and their team played on a tournament this past weekend. One of MJ’s pitches was hit back to him as a line drive, and the ball hit him square in the face. The ball ricocheted off his facemask about 7 to 8 feet in the air so you can pretty much guess how hard the ball was hit. Incredibly, after that play MJ just walked back to the pitcher’s mound like nothing happened. I video all of the games he pitches and I was able to capture this scary incident on video. MJ has been wearing his GameFace mask since last September. I saw your product for the first time on T.V. during last year's girl’s little league world series game – a 3rd baseman from a Michigan based team was wearing it and the T.V announcers were discussing it. It is the BEST investment I ever made – these kids are too young to have permanent damage on their faces. I wish more parents are proactive in protecting their young athletes.
- Michael Sasapan
Hi I am Sarah. I was playing outfield on my school team (I am in 8th greade) where my coach stuck me, even though i usually play second base, and we were warming up for a game against Delaware Twp. My other coach hit a ball to me and I let it bounce before me catching it, and then I threw it in. My coach did not want me to let it bounce, so she said for my coach to hit another one to me, and she did. So, this time I did not let it bounce and it cam right to me. I looked for where it was going and then the sun got right in my eyes and the ball just missed my glove and hit my nose directly. It bled for about 3 hours strait, and it is broken, and since i love this sport I am starting back in when I had only broke my nose 6 days berfore! (Of coarse I will have to use a face guard, but it will be ok!) Oh, and by the way, this was the first bone I have ever broken, and I broke it in 3 places.
- Sarah
Hi my name is Tiny and I play for the Huntsville Comets 98 fast pitch softball team Yesterday while playing pitcher in a travel ball tournament, I was hit in the face by a very hard hit ball. The ball hit my Gameface so hard it bounced off and landed in the 3rd baseman’s glove. If it was not for my Gameface I would not be writing this letter or be finishing this tournament.
- Tiny Smith
Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have three daughters who play softball, all play infield and my youngest is a pitcher. I have witnessed 3 significant facial injuries in 8 years of being around softball tournaments. Three girls with lost front teeth, one concussion.

I started noticing these masks on infielders in 2005. I since purchased four. One for each of my daughters and one for my spouse and I, as we catch for our youngest.

As Gameface states, the mask will not prevent all injuries, but could have saved these four girls their teeth and costly medical expenses. Infielders are more commonly injured, though I have seen 2 injuries on bad hops in the outfield.

Get the colored ones for the pitchers, it will throw the batters off! Thank you Gameface!!!
- Clarence W Blea, M.D.
Last Thursday I was practicing with my 10u fastpitch team called Xplosion. When I pitched a fastball to one of my team mates, she hit the ball and I didn't have enough time to react. It hit my right cheek, and made my eye black and swollen. Even though I pitched Sat. and Sun. without a facemask--I realized that a lot of girls got hurt and I need to be wearing a gameface. My mom ordered me one today, and I think it will make my confidence rise. Montana Flowers
- Montana Flowers
I have two daughters who are pitchers. We had never heard of Game Face until last year's NSA nationals. Our girls were playing in the loser's bracket and managed to come all the way back to the point that there were only 4 teams left. They were playing the Alabama Skyhawks. Neither of my daughters were pitching this game. The first pitch thrown to the Skyhawk's second batter was a line drive hit back to our pitcher. I've NEVER seen a ball jump off a bat like that. She never got her hand up to protect herself; she never saw it coming. It hit her in the face and she went down like she was shot. She didn't move and we all feared the worst. Luckily, the ball hit above her eye, the only injury she got was a bad cut, and her trip to the hospital only resulted in stitches. After she was injured, one of my daughters came into the game as her relief, and, I will cofess, my mind raced with fear because of what I had just seen. Fortunately, one of the NSA officials came out onto the field with a Game Face mask and offered it to her. She wore it during that game and they won. She said the mask was comfortable and it didn't affect her at all.

Now neither of my kids pitch, or play 1st or 3rd without a Game Face mask. If you'd seen what I saw, there'd be no question that every pitcher and corner infielder on every team would be required to wear one.
- Barry Hugghins
My daughter is currently playing on a very competitive travel team and pitching for her varsity team at school.
She is 12 y's/o and the other schools we face have some big girls that can hit.
We are ordering the Game Face today to make sure the other teams only get "one" hit per pitch...

- Mr. D
I am a pitcher for Greenwood High School in Greenwood South Carolina, and I would like to thank gameface for their amazing product! It is an easy way to keep safe while your playing softball. People have looked at me funny and laughed when they have saw me wearing the gameface, but i just say I'd rather wear a gameface and look funny, then not be able to see for the rest of my life! So thanks for the gameface!

- Colbi Weaghington
Hi I'm Holly. I was at one of my ASA sofball games June of last year. I was doing really good and striking kids out until one of them had enough courage to take a whack at it; she wasn't the only one who took a whack. So did I. She hit a line drive. It was like I was in a movie, I saw everything. It hit my arm, then my glove, then...well, me. It knocked me straight on my back. I blacked out for a few seconds and then wen't into shock for a little bit. When they sat me up it was hard to breath, I kept on choking on blood. My parents and I took off for the hospital and when we got there they took some x-rays but said there was nothing they could do right now with all the swelling. So two weeks and a half later I was there with a black eye and a nose broken in four spots. After the operation I was fine but not so sure about pitching again; even though I still really wanted to. So when we heard about gameface we got one right away and now I'm back in the swing of things. I feel so much more confident now and can't wait to get back on the field. Thanks.

- Holly
My 13 year old daughter (Morgan) was an 8th grader that got pulled up to her high school team to pitch. She threw a change up, the batter destroyed the ball...line drive...right to the pitcher (Morgan). SMACK! What a good catch, or at least I thought she caught it. It turns out that the smack I heard was not the ball hitting her glove, but was the breaking of my little girls lower orbital floor (eye socket) and nose(in two spots. She hit the ground at that point like she had been shot. As a result of the impact, her orbital floor had been cracked 2/3rds of the way under her eye. The doctors waisted no time in deciding to air lift Morgan to U.K. Medical Center after seeing a clear fluid coming fron her nose... they thought there was a possibilty that it was spinal fluid. Morgan missed 4 weeks of school due to having her lower eye stitched to her forehead to support the cuts they had to make to reach the bone to put her implant in place. Morgan had to sleep upright for 8 weeks to keep blood from pooling in the back of her eye. She made a full recovery after $87,000 of reconstructive surgery. As a result of her injury our local league has enforced a "Morgan Rule" , all pitchers will wear a GameFace while pitching. Morgan's accident happened 05/02/05 and she is still pitching today, but only while wearing her GameFace. Thanks
- Keith Claunch
Im 13 years old and on January 23rd I was hit in the mouth with a softball that cut my top lip.Im a pitcher....I can pitch a softball 45-50 mph windmill. Im lucky that I didn't lose any teeth. I am not getting on the mound until I order my Gameface.
- Ashley Reed
I am a select fastpitch pitcher for 18U and have now had my gameface for 2 seasons and now I'm purchasing a second gameface. I've been one of lucky ones as a pitcher and haven't had any line drives back at me but I wear one because of what I have seen happen to other pitchers and corner players. I feel very safe and so much more confident wearing it. So many people both players and parents ask me about my gameface and where they could get one. These amazing masks are spreading like wildfire and I think they should make it a rule to wear one in the infield.
If you're thinking about buying one... don't hesitate or wait until you need one after a line drive gets a hold of your face. do it to be safe!
~Becca J.
- Becca Johnson
I'm a pitcher on a college softball team and last year during practice I was pitching to another teammate in the cage. Before i knew it the ball came back at my face and hit me in the side of the head. I was knocked out and taken out of the fieldhouse on a strecher. My pitching just went downhill from there because i just couldnt regain my confidence on the mound. For my junior season I have ordered the gameface with the hopes that is will give me the courage to get back on the mound with confidence and pitch how i used to! I'm anxiously awaiting my gameface!
- Meryl
My thirteen year old daughter Elisa has been using a Gameface for the past three years, ever since she started pitching. She thinks it looks pretty cool (when we ordered ours, it came with airbrushed lightening bolts) and it definitely intimidates the batters, since no one can actually see her face. Having witnessed a terrifying orbital injury to a third baseman during the July 2006 PONY Nationals in Sterling, VA, I can only say that I'm glad that we have the protection afforded by this wonderful device. And by the way, we just ordered a replacement for the 2007 season. Thanks, Gameface!
- Rob Marino
I am a 47-year-old softball and soccer player. While pitching in an over 30 women's softball game this past September, I took a line drive to my face - I didn't have time to react other than to start to turn so I got it in the cheek. I fractured my cheek bone and was very lucky to have missed my eye and nose. I also didn't lose any teeth and did not have to have surgery because it was a clean fracture. I do however have some nerve damage - but it may still heal. I couldn't stand the thought of not playing soccer or softball for six or more weeks so I went online and found your product! I started wearing it almost four weeks after my injury - I love it! In soccer, I get knocked in the face frequently by elbows and flying hands but the Gameface has saved me from anymore injury to the face! I will be wearing the Gameface in softball anytime I am in the infield for the rest of my life - and probably while batting and running the bases too!
Thank you Gameface for letting me get on the field again!
- Terri Hebert
I am so thankful that yall have came out with the gameface for pitchers. I'm a pitcher myself and there has been many times i've had line drives hit back at me and luckly i have cought them.I've seen so many pitchers get hit and i'm so happy that yall came out with this it's the best thing ever,even thoughi've went 8 years with out it but it's an awesome thing and i just want to thank you again. so thank you for making a face mask for me and all of the pitchers to wear.
- ashlee
My daughter was pitching a 10 & Under tournament two years ago, when she was hit in the forehead by a line drive. She had a huge "goose egg" come up immediately. Her dad (also her coach) had her take a couple of minutes and stay in the game. I(her mother) was at her sister's game across town but was on the phone with another mother when this happened. I couldn't wait to get there and check on her. The very next morning, she took a grounder that bounced up and hit her in the side of her head. We talked to a girl at National's that was wearing a GameFace after losing all of her teeth with a line drive. So, the next week we ordered her a GameFace. Her pitching speed increased by about 3 miles per hour immediately. She had more confidence and was able to concentrate on her pitching rather than worry about getting hit again. It's been two years and we are still very thankful for your product. Thank you.
- S. Barnoski
Okay well i never really broke my nose in a softball game but i've broke it before and trust me i know how it feels. So now that i'm playing at the highschool level and i play short and third, I wouldn't play without it!!!

Thanks for everything!
- Alisa
Thanks for this great invention! I was hit while umpiring my sister's game. My game face saved my teeth from being knocked out.
- Marci
On Oct. 5th 2005 my 12 y/o daughter was hit by a thrown ball during warm ups for a game. She is a pitcher and I always worried about her taking a hit in the face on the mound. The girl that threw the ball didn't weight more than 90 lbs. but that didn't matter. My daughters nose was crushed and her right sinus was badly damaged FROM A THROWN BALL. She must wear a game face whenever there are balls flying from now on. (the surgeon said more injuries or surjuries could result in a Michael Jackson nose) After two major operations she can finally breath again. She is more determined than ever to play ball in high school and college.... she will be doing it in a game face. The surgeon said without the game face it would be to big a risk for her to play. Facial trama often has serious complications, do not take a chance, get a game face and play hard but play safe.
- nancy carpenter
Hi my name is Sam, during my senior year in high school i was playing second base(where i have played since i was six)when a hardhit groundball hit a rock and came up and hit my in the face. I never saw the ball coming and when i opened my eyes i saw my teeth flying out of my mouth. The ball knocked my front right tooth completely out, my front left partially out and pushed back into my mouth, there was a hole through my lip, the roof of my mouth ripped open, and my lips were crushed and sliced. I was rushed to the dentist where i got 12 stiches to hold my lips and gums together, and had to have my teeth reinserted and repositioned. Two weeks after the accident I returned to the field with my gameface, and even though i have had two root canals, and still face fillings, bleachins, braces (again), and veneers I still play the sport that I love. Really all thanks to my mom and dad who never left my side.
(Bytheway this was 18 days before my senior ball)
- Sam Russo
On July 29. My softball team had a game...this was a slow pitch game. The coach wanted me to pitch but i said no. So my best firends dad said that he would pitch and i can hit for him. So he pitched everything was going go for the first 3 innings. in the 4 inning i went to the outfield and the 4 th batter came up and slamed a ball right back at my best firends dad. He put up the glove but not in time. He walked drunk for a few secs and the he clasped on the ground face first. The impact of the ball knocked him out. When everyone ran up to him my dad and someother people turnd him over and saw he was knocked out. They poured cold water over his face to hopfully to wake him up it worked.he Got up and said that he was going to be fine. It left a nasty place on his face from the impact. He didnt go to hospital till the next day when he started spitting up blood. My dad took him to High Point hospital and they took him in right away. They told us he had 3 broken boens in his cheek that was already set back in place and 1 broken bone right in front of his ear the was pushed in. They also told us he had a fractored eye socket. That was the most scariest thing i have ever saw. Sence i am a pitcher myself i now know why they are making the game face a rule that the pitcher and corners have to were one in USSSA fastpitch Softball. Now he says that everytime he gets on the mound he always weres the Game Face. And thats my story.... Tisha A
- Tisha Alexander
I have played coed softball for about 15+ years. I have been the pitcher most of those years. With all the new bat technology and the new balls we are using this year the I recieved the most painful injury yet... It was early in the season and we always play double headers, i sat the first game and was really eager to pitch the second game. I pitched the ball to the number two batter and it came at me so fast, i caught and tipped the ball a little to protect my mouth which would have been shattered but got it in the eye. I was rushed to the emergency room via ambulance. I was really really lucky it didnt get my mouth and didnt break any bones, i just recieved 13 stiches around my eye, inside and out.. i will not go back on the mound until i find a good mask. I have a friend that is also in our league who told me about this website and i am currently awaiting my order. I think all pitchers should wear this mask. I of course am the only girl pitcher in the league and some are very happy that i am not out their any longer as i am hard to hit off. Anyway thank you very much and i am looking forward to getting and wearing my new mask.

- luanne
2 weeks ago i was playing in the first game of the 11-12 year old all-stars. I have played on all-stars last 4 years. I was up to bat and the ball fouled off the bat and hit me I heard right under my nose. I went into a siezure for a few seconds and my own blood was choking me. My Dad and my coach were the first ones to me they were scared to death. They thought I was dieing. They said 7 grown men on the field were crying because it was the scariest thing they had ever seen. Thanks to Game Face I will be playing on an AAU team in fall. Our district is looking to make it mandator to have faces on the helmets. Be safe first everyone!!!
- T.J.
I have never been hit in the face and never plan to I have been wearing a gameface for 3 years! I wear it while I pitch and play 3rd base. It was one of the best investments we have ever made because it gives a huge amount of confidence knowing I'm protected. My coach always jokes that it makes me look better but, I know it is itimidating to other players because I hear them talking about it and they always remember who I am. All the pitchers on my travel team wear a gameface and it is our own choice our coach does not require us to wear them.
NC Lady Thunder 16U
- Megan Griffin
well one day i was at a high school game and two of the best teams in town wear playing each other. half way through the game a batter hit a shot at the pitcher and the pitcher slightly turned her head to try to avoid it but the ball hit on the upper right side of her head it fracured her skull and just by the impact of the ball broke her jaw. After i saw this game i told my mom to get me one when i played travel ball.
- Lindsay
yesterday getting ready for regionals we were taking live batting and fielding practice when i was going to my right i was struck in my left eye. thank god i was wearing a pair of iron man sunglasses which absorbed some of the blow but my eye was still injured and swollen shut immeadiatly. we iced my eye down all night woke up and my eye was totally swollen shut. i went to the doctor took xrays and i have a hairline crack on my eyebrow. playing third base you never know what will come at ya. anyway i ordered a new purple gameface mask. i borrowed a game face mask from a friend and i felt totaly safe and would recomend wearing one on any position. things happen fast on the field so be safe.
go liberty hill Light'n

Presley Walker
- presley walker
This is a follow up from when I was struck in my left eye By a hard shot when I was playing third base getting ready for Pony regional's.Here is a complete list of my injuries -I cracked my eye brow and had cracks in my high cheek bone as well as I had a broken nose. I looked like I have been beat with a bat and felt like it too. After taking this hard hit to my face.(My dad was close by and he and others said it sounded like the ball came off of a composite bat hitting a ball hard)if it wasn't for a very good pair of Iron man sunglasses I could have been injured much much worse. I was swollen and hurt my eye was completely swollen shut for almost three weeks then it slowly started to open back up when it did, It was really scary ,I had a eye that was filled with blood it was totally blood red but I could see thank goodness. from July to December my eye was discolored(Purple&Green&Blue&Yellow) and everywhere I went people would stare at me and talk about the way my eye looked it was awful. One of the worst things in this was that I had to miss the regional tournament and all I could do was sit and watch another girl play the position that I worked so hard to get. My Mom and dad supported me through this injury and ordered me a game face mask and this mask gave me my confidence back and I knew I couldn't be hit again in my injured eye. I went on to play in the Pony Nationals and started third base and didn't make an error thanks to the Game Face mask Thank you Game Face I couldn't have done that without your product.I still wear the game face mask and will probably do so as Long as I play softball.After my injury we now have three or four more girls wearing the game face mask. I think all associations should make it mandatory for pitchers and third basemen to wear this game face mask in a effort to save these types of injuries that I had to suffer through and as you can see on this web-site I am not alone way too many girls and boys get hurt by hit balls, also get your sons a daughters a batting helmet mask why wouldn't you ? with these safety products out there you would be foolish not too.don't be a macho man or girl you can see good with the mask on and it could save your vision and your pretty face. these also work for boys! this year we just swept sectionals and in a couple of weeks we are in regionals in San Antonio and we have a reat shot to be back in Nationals again we were third in Nationals the last two years this year we have a great chance to win it all ! Presley Walker ,Liberty Hill All-Stars( Light"N)12U

- Presley Walker
Last summer, I was playing in an all-star softball tournament in Tuscon, AZ. In the final game of our tournament, I was playing second base. On the first pitch of the inning, the batter bunted. Being a good second baseman, I ran to cover first base. The batter was running so fast at me. I was not in the baseline, but almost to the corner of the bag. The batter ran into me. As I was falling, the throw from the third baseman hit me right in the middle of my nose. I was on the ground shaking while holding my nose. Everyone thought I was having a seizure from the hot AZ sun. Nobody even saw the ballhit me. All of a sudden, a fan yelled out that the ball had hit me. The ambulance came, and i was carried off by a rolly bed. My parents weren't even there! they were back home in Phoenix about 2 1/2 hours away. My nose was broken and I had to wait for my parents to drive down so I could go home. I wish I had a Game Face so i didn't have to go to the first day of school with a fat nose!
- Brittany
My buddy got drilled between the eyes last night on a bad hop to the mound. (Go to this link to see a photo.)

I've been reluntant to buy a face mask in the past because it seemed silly, but not any more. I'm buying one now, period.
- Andy Wolan
During a school ball game in May, I was pitching and was hit in the eye by a line drive. The ball was way to fast for me to react to it. Luckily, I somehow got my finger tip on it, but it still reflected off and hit my eye. The pain was horrible and all I could hear was my mother screaming. After many hours at the hospitals, we found that I would be alright. I got really lucky that night, and the doctors were surprised that it didn't cause any life long damage. The next day, a pitcher who had gotten hit in the nose from another highschool lent me her game face mask. Once I got back out there I felt secure with it. Sometimes I try without it, but I'm so afraid of getting hit again. I know I will soon overcome my fear, and be the pitcher I once was!
- Jennifer
My 8 year son took a toss from the coach that deflected off his glove into his face. He broke his upper jaw, lost one of his front teeth and we are now awaiting to see if he may loose the other 3 front teeth, as they are extremely loose from the fracture. It did not take me but 1 day after his oral surgery to find this website and purchase the safety mask for my son, in fact, I think I will even have him wear it on the playground at school as he heals. I can reassure you that he will be wearing this mask for every soccer, baseball, basketball and any other sporting event that he will participate in. Thank you for a great product and calming a Mom's fear of sending her boy back out on the field.
- Angela
Hi I'm Bug and I use the Gameface. The reason I use the Gameface is because one day during a softball tournament, one of my own teamates fired the ball at me from about 7 Ft. away. It broke my upper jaw. That night, the doctor had to basically mold my mouth back together. It was awfull. The day after that my parents went to a sports store, and bought me a gameface. Three days after that,( with a broken jaw) I played in a world series. I would'nt have been able to get back in the game without the Gameface!!!
- Kaylin (Bug) McCoy
I've played 3rd base since i was in t-ball. Ive never got hit once and never thought i would. I made first team in my county last year and was looking to end my senior year with a scholarship. but not anymore. In the middle of my season i was hit in the face with a ball. I didnt even have time to blink. I saw the girl move up in the box so i thought she was going to bunt. so i moved up about 20 ft. Thats all i remember. I woke up in the hospital. My mom told me the girl slap the and hit me right in the face. It shattered my right cheek bone, broke my nose and fractured my jaw. I couldnt talk for almost a month. It was the worst day of my life. My teamates said it was the worst injure they'd ever seen. They thought i was dead because all they seen was me get hit, fall and blood pour out my face. I was knocked out for 30mins. But im still going to play and there is still a chance for scholarships to come. but i wouldnt play without my game face. thats is the only reason my mom allows me to play. so thank you game face
- Ashley
My daughter plays 16U fastpitch softball and felt that she had really fast reflexes and didn't need to wear a face mask or a mouth guard to protect herself and the main reason she did not want to any of these safety devices was because she didn't want anyone making fun of her. Well, this past weekend she took a slow line drive to face and now has a fractured nose...luckily it wasn't any worse but now she has asked me to order her a game face and told me she should've listened to me in the first place about wearing a face mask while pitching...I wish I would've been wrong about this...the worst thing to have to see is your child lying on the ground...protect yourself wear the game face!!!
Yesterday my daughter was pitching in a JV game and took a line drive to the face. She has been pitching for 4 years now and has had some close calls but she reacted quickly to avoid injury. I knew in the back of my mind that this day would come and that I should get her some protection before it was too late. Well, it was too late! The ball hit her in the upper chest at the collarbone bouncing up into her chin spliting it open to the bone. No fracture, probably from the ricochet, but still received 15 stitchs to close it up. This could have been so much worse (eye, mouth, temple) but we dodged the more serious injury this time. I was told by a friend about Game Face and we're purchasing one ASAP, before she is back on the mound.
Get one now before its too late!!!
- Thom
One of my friends just lost his eye playing slow pitch softball. The hard ball combined with the new bat technology has made it very scary. Pitchers are dropping like flies. I had my leg blown up and chipped bones in my wrist in two consecutive championship games. I haven't pitched since Steve lost his eye. I just bought a game face so that no one else loses their eye, and so that I can wear it if I have to pitch again.
- Mike Leland
this past spring (march 13, 2004) i experienced the most frightening situation in my life. at exactly 12:12 that afternoon i took a softball to my mouth. my catcher (im a pitcher) was practicing throwing down to second getting stronger & stronger each time i had ducked from the ball hitting me 3 times then the 4th time the ball came back so fast i moved out of the way not noticing till later that the ball also had curved at a great speed and broke my 4 front teeth back into my mouth. my teeth never left the bone (the maxilla). i was rushed to my dentist & then to the hospital.. not by an amblulance but by my dad. i got to the hospital & the surgeon wasnt there yet so i waited 8 hours before i was checked out by him. i had been visited by a lot of other doctors them telling my would have my surgery in the morning but i kept on insisting that i would have it that night because i wouldnt be able to sleep with my teeth literally in the middle of my mouth... wat if i grind my teeth in my sleep or something goofy like that... but the surgeon did finally get there & we make a joke that it took him so long to get there cuz he was taking a crash course on how to do my surgery since i was the fist patient of his that had broken my teeth with a softball throw. he got in the room, checked out my injury & said the 'surgery is in one hour get ready' i was so happy i couldnt wait!! ive never broken a bone in my life until this year.. i guess theres always a first to everything!! ive had 3 root canals & tempory crowns put on three of my teeth & will soon be getting 3 perminent crowns. i want to thank dr.b, dr.t, dr.o, & everyone else who has made my recovery fast!! i love my family for sticking with me through all of this.
- zuke
i play softball every wednesday during the practise the coaches think i should'nt steal a base they think its a legal i know it is legal but the coaches think i should wait, waiting for someone hits a ball for over 1 hour or 2 or 3 hours to run i hate waiting that longi found out its not true you wit till the pitcher throws the ball
- mandy ritchie
This spring in a game against the best team in the league I was pitching and I pitched a really wild ball so my catcher went a got the ball but the girl that was on third stole so i ran to the plate and before i had gotten there the next thing i know i am done on my knees in front of home plate holding my mouth. I had gotten hit in the upper lip and lower nose. Luckily nothing was broken but i had a fat busted lip for a few days but i went up and bat that inning. After that i just sat out and watched. Oh and picture day was the next day.
- Rachael H.
I'm a guy and have been pitching for years and years, with no major injuries. This past summer, in a coed game, I took a wicked hop in the face that broke my nose and required surgery. So in all that time, I missed just one! ball at my face. I thought what will happen when I miss the next one? I'm not going to take the chance.(I don't even play in men's leagues anymore.) Thanks for the gameface!
- In Virginia
On 7/3/04 my daughter Christie took a line drive to the face while pitching in a 12U fastpitch softball tournament. She got a small tip of her glove on the ball before it hit the bridge of her nose and knocked her backward. I knew we dodged a bullet as she was OK, nothing broken, just bruised. I knew we needed to get a mask to avoid more serious injury to her face or mouth. Christie has a friend who has already endured 2 surgeries for a broken nose from a ball to the face. At first Christie balked at wearing a mask, but after seeing the clear game face, she is excited to wear it. Thank you for this wonderful product! My daughter will continue to pitch with confidence wearing the mask. She would never think of quitting pitching. Even after she was hit, she caught the ball and made the 3rd out! It is comforting to know we are taking a proactive step with the mask to prevent injury.
- Julie Shill
hi i'm alex my friend kayle and she was pithing and a girl name sam fagen hit the ball right at her forhead and the next day you can on her forhend you can see the laces of the softball was on the forhend tomorrow i'm going to tell her about you.
- alexandra
I was on the pitchers mound and it was only about 35 feet away after i pitched and the next thing i new the ball was coming at me at about 100mph. I had no time to move so the ball hit me in my left cheek. I fell to the ground and blood was pouring from my mouth. They called an ambulance and i was rushed 2 the hospital. The whole left side of my face is swollen. It looks like i have a softball in my mouth. The inside of my mouth had deep cuts and i hav 2 cuts on the outside that might scar and i mite need plastic surgerey in the future. Im very lucky that i didnt break any bones or loose any teeth. Right now i am on pain killers to reduce the pain. It hurst to laugh sneeze cough yawn and eat. The girl that hit me was very nice and called to apologize. I recieved a build a bear from my team mates and my coaches. I am glad to hav so many people caring. Now i have bought a face mask from game face and i will use it in my game this weekend. I feel safer already!
- Danielle
A few days ago i was pitching to this one team called the pittsburg spirit and i was doing pretty well. The first three batters were only hitting fly balls into the outfield and foul balls (it is the best team in the leauge). But then came the fourth batter first she hit one or two foul balls but then she just smacked one at me. It was coming at me fast as i attempted to put up my glove but i missed it and it just nipped my glove and hit me in my eye. I fell over as people came over with ice packs. They took me off the field and then i felt a little bit better but it still hurt. They took me too the hospital to see if i had any broken bones in my eye, luckily i didnt but i had a nice black and blue eye. My eye still hurt the next day but i still wanted to go in and pitch so i did but everytime the ball hit the bat i would quickly put my glove in front of my face and i don't know why but i wasn't even pitching as fast as i was when i was warming up, it was probably because i was scared and i am now deciding to get a gameface mask. I never realized tournment ball could be so dangerous but now i do and i have decided to make myself safe.
- ayla g
Last year we were in the Championship Game at a tournment. Everything was going AWESOME! Untill, My friend Whitney, the pitcher, got hit in the throat by a line drive. She did catch the hit, but it tiped the top of her glove, and she got hit. Now, let me tell you Whitney, a year ago ws pitching at least 50-55 mph, at 12 years old, and the other team could hit VERY HARD. Whitney stopped breathing, for a few minutes, and was rushed to the hospital. We did come back and only lose by one point, and everything we did was for Whitney. Now, Whitney is 13 and wears a mask on her face. Actually, all of our pitchers do. Then, later on that month we were at another tournment, and a girl got hit in the dead by one of my team mates. She didn't have any broken bones or anything, she had the lace imprints on her face, and lots a stitches. Her team mates were stunned, and were really worried. Myself, and Whitney walked up to the team, and told them everything is going to be ok, and told them the story. Now thats why Whitney and every pitcher around should wear a mask, and there is nothing to be ashamed of wearing one either.
- Fal
On May 15th 2004 my daughter was pitching in a game for her travel team when our worst nightmare came true. She was hit in her right cheek fracturing her orbital bone. Her mother and I were not at the tournament and were notified that she had been taken to the hospital by ambulance. It was a two hour drive for us to get to the hopital and boy can your mind wonder is she ok,is she conciuos how much pain is she having,is she by herself. It was unbearable, she is going to be fine, thank god.The next day as I was looking at her swollen face and thinking of everything that could of gone wrong. I started looking for some kind of protection for her. It took a little time but I found your web site and have ordered two gamefaces for her.She is ready to go back on the field and this mask is a necessity until ererything is totally healed and if she wants to keep wearing it I won't have to worry about her when I'm not there. Thank you for your wonderful product.
- Pat Sharrard
In our men's adult softball league, our third baseman was seriously injured during our first game of the season after taking a line-drive to the face, unable to protect himself from a ball hit by a bat which is banned by the ASA. Both his upper and lower jaws were fractured and ten of his teeth were dislocated. I am recommending that all the pitchers and 3rd basemen in our league use your equipment along with the banning of such bats as judged illegal by the governing softball associations.
- Allen
I was at my varsity's team practice where we were taking fielding practice. I was on the mound and my coach said the ball was going to third. Next thing I knew it was coming at my head. I ended up taking the line drive to the side of my head close to the ear. I had couldn't hear for two days after. Now I am very nervous whenever I go out to pitch. I think the gameface is exactly what I need to overcome my fear. I am not going to wait until I break something before I invest into some safety.
- Jessica K.
On March 20, 2004 the unthinkable happened. My daughter was pitching for her high school Fastpitch softball team when she took a line drive to the face. She had caught many line drives in the past but this one was unexpected for she intended on doing an intentional walk but the girl batting had other intentions and the pitch was beautifully placed for the batter. The only sound we heard was the crack of the ball hitting the bat then the crack of teeth and bone being broken then our daughter running for the dugout with her hands to her face and blood running down her hands and arms.
The injuries she sustained were 6 top front teeth being pushed flush with the roof of her mouth, 4 front bottom teeth lying on her tongue, two teeth picked out the dirt near the mound, her top lip torn away from the gum area and alveolar jaw fractures (bones in the gum area). She had plastic surgery the day of the injury to repair her lip and had to see an oral surgeon to see what could be saved of the teeth. Some of teeth were able to be repositioned back into place and supported with braces but she ended up loosing 3 of her bottom teeth and will have implants at a later date.
Through out the entire ordeal all she talked about was getting back on the mound to play ball for she refused to believe that her season was over. With the help of her awesome coach he started the search for a device that would protect the face and found your product the very next day after the accident. With shear determination and a clearance from all her doctors and as long as she wears the Game Face, she could play ball. 10 days after her injury she is back on the mound and pitching some of her best games.
Thanks to Game Face this is all possible.

Brian and Angie Fahl
- Brian & Angie Fahl
I played competitive softball for most of my life and incurred no injury until last September. I was playing thrid base when a ball came off the bat and blew out the whole right side of my face. It blewout my eyesocket, broke my cheek bones in several places, broke my nose. I also incurred extensive nerve damage in my face. I now have plastic implants in my face and have had 2 surgeries so far, with one more on the way. I wanted so badly to play softball again, but have been terrified. I learned the true meaning of "keep your eye on the ball." Game Face has truly given me the confidence I need to return to the softball field. Thanks!
- Jennifer Freeman
I am so thankful for gameface! My ten year old daughter was playing with the dog, and she was running around the house. Luckily, she had her gameface on because the next thing I knew she went flying down the stairs. Thanks to gameface what could have been a life shattering turned into only a few broken bones and a new banister. But her teeth are eyes are great! Thanks Gameface!
- Pamela Presciutti
I skated briskly down the ice, my broom in hand, sweeping back and forth to assure and amazing curl for my team. Seconds later the curler popped off the ice!!! avoiding my broom, it approached my face rapidly. My only reflex was to smile! and the puck shattered everylast one of my teeth. I cringed at the site of blood, rushing out of my mouth and onto the ice. I lied, motionless, waiting for someone to come to my a dream all i saw was Gameface, and thats when it hit me, this device could have saved my life. Ever since i got my gameface i havent had a curling accident or folly. Thank you gameface!
- Dan
Our 14yr old daughter was injured when a line drive to the face knocked her off her feet. The batter was using a composite bat and the ball came off the bat at such a speed that she did not have time to deflect it. she took the full impact in the mouth. it crushed her upper gum and knocked out numerous teeth. she was taken by ambulance to the hospital and then directly to surgery. they had to rebuild her gum and try to put the teeth back in. we wish we had know about gameface before. it will give her the confidence to pitch again. we will tell all the girls on the team about the gameface. i hope for their safety, the order one.
- lyn-z
Presently my daughter is a pitcher and shortstop on her softball team. She watched one of her pitching friends take a line drive in the face. She has worn a GameFace for over a year now and will not walk out on the field without it. I am really happy to have GameFace in the equipment bag and ready for play. My daughter wears it proudly on the field. She thinks the other girls look at the GameFace more than watching the pitches.

I have strongly advised parents and players to become more aware of safety for these players. She has a lot more fun with that protection.
- Julie, Pearland, Tx
I was at practice and my coach was hitting grounders, and I am an outfielder but he wanted us to practice grounders. I was doing good, and about the 5th time he hit it too hard and it was a fast line drive, which nailed me in the nose. I just stood there for a few seconds and the blood came pouring out. I then went to a small town clinic and the next morning to the hospital and he told me my nose was shattered. A few hours later I had surgery and everything went great. I now have to wear a face guard when I play, and thanks to the inspirational stories I will be purchasing one from GameFace. Every person should wear one no matter what, no one should go through the pain!
- Amanda
I am so pleased to find a company that is finally addressing a need in sports safety! In 1988 I was hit by a thrown ball while SLIDING into 2nd base. Right orbit fractured and nose in 3 places...I found a "mask" that I wore that was originally made for raquetball players that wear glasses (a lattace work of plastic that extended out over my nose and eyes). Everyone laughed at me or made fun until the bad hop at 3rd that destroyed the mask...but didn't injure me at all. I could not find ANYTHING to replace it and finally began to play without any protection again. Fast forward to August of 2003...bad hop at third and I have a ball print on my throat. The Doctor told me that if it had been 2" further over it would have broken my trachea (could have been fatal). I had pulled my head to avoid being hit in the face again...I will be buying your product and wearing it with all possible haste! People can look, point and even laugh if they want, I won't be the one going to the ER for stitches or more surgery!! With today's bat technology it is just silly to take chances while pitching or at 1st/3rd. THANK YOU FOR A MUCH NEEDED SAFETY DEVICE!!!! The Miniature Evil One...Joanie...Evil Tweety88
- Joanie
Yes I think it's great!
Looking forward to the girls using it.
There has been quite a bit of interest from other families when I showed it to them.
Thank you for a great product.
Ross Freeman
- Ross Freeman
Hi my name is Ashley Lewis and I was looking at the website because I wanted to see other people's stories and experiences with their injuries to the face. I wanted to share my story so others can see that they don't want to go through what I went through.
In June of 2002, the day before Father's Day, I was playing fast-pitch softball at Turner Lake Park in Covington, Georgia. It was our first game that Saturday morning and only like 9 or 10 pitches into the game. A tall girl from the other team came up to the plate(I have since became friends with her). I was pitching and was ready to pitch to another batter. My 2nd pitch to her was not exactly what I expected to happen. She hit a line drive at me and it hit me on the left side of my nose and under my left eye. The ball did not rickochet off anything except my face! i immediately fell to the ground while landing on my arm. I remember hearing the umpire saying "stop play, coaches out here immediately".
Thats when I knew I wasn't exactly in good shape. I was not knocked out and I was aware of everything going on. I remember telling my coaches to get the sweat off of me and then they told me that it was not sweat but rather blood. I was not crying because I was in more shock than I was in the time. I was very concerned about whether I was going to have to have surgery. They took me off the field on a stretcher and loaded me into the ambulance. I know that they put an IV in my arm and that didn't hurt at all compared to what I was feeling like at the time. I got to the hospital down in Covington and they stitched my eye up. Oh yeah did I parents were not there at all? I was with a friend at the tournament. They had to get a hold of my parents who were about an hour away. I remember laying there and I could hear my parents come in and my mom and dad just start crying. I told my dad to come over to me and I told him..." Daddy I am sorry but I forgot your Father's Day card at home" He smiled and then cried.
They transported me to Kennestone Hospital by ambulance which is closer to where I live. I had surgery the next day. I ended up having my nose broken in three places and I had 7 orbital fractures under my left eye. I now have a metal plate and 3 screws replacing my eye socket. I was in the hospital for a week.
I was so blessed to have so many people care for me. I had at least 15 people up at the hospital every day. That is no exaggeration either!
This was truly a difficult but life changing event for me. It made me realize how precious my life is and how much I love softball. My parents asked me if this was really worth it. I told them yes...I can't quit something I love!
I now use a GameFace mask whether I am playing pitcher, 1st, or 3rd! It is not a hazard but basically a way of life when I play softball. Some people laugh when they see it but they dont know what I have been through. None of my friends care...they stand up for me and they kind of think it gives an intimidating look to me!
I am glad I got to share this with everyone. Good luck to everyone with their future aspirations playing softball.
- Ashley Lewis
Just a short note of thanks!!... for filling our MUCH needed order so efficiently. We are very pleased with the clear mask and now our daughter can pitch
with "confidence" knowing that her nose is safe from being broken again.


Alice Ary
- Alice Ary
The most i feared about pitching was getting a line drive at my face. This happend to me June 15 03 in the championship game on my traveling team. I got hit with a line drive to my left nostrol and my left side of the lip. When i got hit there was blood everywhere. I went to the hospital and luckily nothing was broken except a blood vessel and cartilage.Its swollen and red but luckily this is a mild injury.
- Lauren
"My 12 myear old son took a line drive in the mouth while pitching. Needless to say,my wife and I were scared to death. It took ten stitches to repair his lip, no teeth were lost. He really came out fairly lucky, considering what could have resulted from this accident. I intend to require all my pitchers to use the Gameface mask from now on. I should have allready purchased one long ago."

- Gary Hartselle,Al.
"Jerry - I spoke to you on the phone last week about your GameFace for my seven
year old son. I was worried because he has stiches between his upper
lip and his nose. He was hit with a hockey puck on Monday March 10th.
He plays on a local basketball team that finished the regular season
with a ten and zero record. They were scheduled to play an end of
season tournament starting Saturday 16 March.

You sent me the GameFace Lightning and I received it on Friday the

I was worried that either he wouldn't wear it because he might think
the other children might laugh at him, or if he wore it his vision
might be limited.

Well, as you suggested he wore it on Friday night while him and I
practiced in our driveway. It took a few adjustments before it was
fitted comfortably. But, after I got it adjusted to fit his little
face, he became so accustomed to the Gameface that he forgot he was
wearing it.

Saturday morning I showed it to the game officials and they were
satisfied that it had no protruding metal or other hazards, so he was
allowed to wear the Gameface in the tournament. He missed most of his
shots in the first game, I attributed that to many factors including
the new Gameface. They won the first game, moved on to and won the
second game and qualified to be in the finals.

The final game was held on Sunday 16 March. The game was close and he
played well. The first half he only took one shot, it was from the
three point circle and he made it. In the second half he was on fire,
he sank three consecutive shots from outside the three point line.
That say's alot for your Gameface, since he is only seven and was not
distracted in anyway by wearing a gameface.

I want to extend my personal thanks for you enabling me to be a proud
Dad by watching Brandon and his team win the tournament. Without your
GameFace he would not have been allowed to play for fear of tearing out
the stiches and causing a more severe problem.

This morning before he left for school he asked me "Do we have to send
the GameFace back today". He was very happy when I explained to him
that it was purchased and now belongs to him.

Thanks Very Much from a proud Dad."
- Dan




"We offer both baseball and softball for boys and girls ranging in age from 6-18. I'm a Board member as well as the website developer and coach for the league. I read about your Gameface in an article and have just paid a visit to your website. I think this is one of the greatest inventions in sports history. I wish I had one of these growing up. I think this would/could be a huge confidence builder in many of the younger kids."
- Michael , Maryland
"Hi, I just wanted to let you know the horrifying experience my husband I witnessed on Friday June 14th. Our 10 year old daughter Phailon plays 10-U fastpitch and was pitching and took a line drive to the face. The force lifted her off the ground and fractured her upper jaw, she lost a tooth which luckily was a baby tooth and had a concussion. I thought she was dead it scared me so badly. Needless to say the other little girl who pitched on our team wore the game face all weekend. There were several girls wearing them the remainder of the tournament. My husband and I purchased one the next day. She has taken pitching lessons wearing it and wants to go back to pitching this weekend. I would recommend your product to everyone who has a child playing softball or baseball it is a necessary product. Our coach has recommened it as well he said no child will ever step on the mound on his team again without wearing one."

Thank you
- Ray & Stacey, Conyers, GA
I have a 15 year old pitcher whose team mate took a line drive to the face this weekend breaking her nose and making 8 fractures of the eye socket. She will need several surgeries and an extensive recuperation time. Brain injury and loss of vision have not been ruled out at this time and after seeing this horrific accident, I am searching for all possible forms of safety masks for my daughter.

- Patty, Marietta, GA
"In April, my 13 year old daughter was pitching and took a line drive in the face breaking three bones. Although we can't bring ourselves to watch it, we have it on video. The "true story" sounds so familiar. I think this happens more often than people think. Anyway, we purchased 2 masks from you. She absolutely loves them!!"
- Kristin
"Jerry I bought a gameface last year after I had a 10 year old take a line drive while pitching in the mouth. She was very comfortable wearing it in fact it was a little imitating to the other team. But I will tell you I think that you have a very good product and it is not to intrusive to the person wearing it. Thank you for offering this gameface."
- Mike, Pennsylvania
"Hi. Do you know how long I have been searching sports stores and on the internet for this mask. My daughter plays fastpitch softball - pitcher and 3rd base. She plays in tournaments around the state and has seen a few girls with masks on but we didn't know where to obtain one. I hear many parents say if they could find them they would make their kids wear them. I spent a fortune on braces and would hate to see her lose her teeth or break her nose, etc. I will be ordering one of these. I'm not sure where you are located but you should promote your product in Florida as we have many fastpitch teams throughout the state."
- Susan, Florida
"One of my daughters broke her nose this year and then shortly after she returned to play she took a ball in the teeth when she lost it in the sun. The 2 accidents cost us well over a $1000 which we are still trying to recover from Little League Insurance. At first it looked like our daughter would lose a tooth, but luckily she won't. My other daughter is a pitcher who definitely will start wearing "Gameface". Thanks for the invention, Jerry."
- R.N., Florida
"Thank you for introducing us to GameFace's fielder's mask. My ten-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son had no trouble adjusting to the mask. In fact, they consider it as important as their bike helmets."
- W.E., Germantown, MD
"I cannot stress enough how important facial protection is when playing softball. My daughter lost her front teeth while playing and thanks to GameFace , she was able to play a week after her injury. I wish she was wearing the mask before she was injured."
- J.A. Channahon, IL
"I have seen children receive serious injuries, the worse involved a child receiving a hit to the eye...I am excited that a fielder's mask is now available!"
- N.O., Thurmont, MD


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