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"The most horrifying site I have ever seen on the softball field happened while my 11 year old daughter, Kim, was pitching in a tournament. All of a sudden, the batter hit a line drive right at my daughter’s left eye. Although Kim had caught many line drives before which were headed towards her face or body, this one came too hard and too fast. Kim went down and I (her coach as well as her mother) rushed onto the field. The terrifying sounds coming from my child were deafening. Kim is not one to cry, but now she was howling in pain. I pray that no other coach or parent has to witness such an event. She barely got the finger tips of her glove on the ball. Luckily the ball also grazed the bill of her hat or else her entire eye socket would have been shattered. However, the bone which supports the eye was fractured requiring Kim to have surgery to get it repaired.

Kim had suffered hits before to her legs and as a result began wearing shin guards. We had seen other kids wearing masks to pitch, but we had not as yet seen the need for Kim to wear one. After all, they looked funny and were probably uncomfortable. Well, a broken face is not funny at all and it is definitely uncomfortable.

We gave Kim the option of sitting out the rest of the season or moving to the outfield and she told us, "I am a pitcher. I just need one of those mask things." We immediately bought Kim the original black Game Face and it gave her the confidence to step out on the field and pitch again as soon as the swelling went down from her injury. In fact, she pitched her team to a state tournament championship wearing her Game Face Sports Safety Mask.

Kim takes every opportunity to tell other pitchers about her experience and encourage them to wear a mask as well. When the new clear mask came out, we ordered one. It is even better than the original model as it is lighter, cooler and allows greater visibility for fielding. Now Kim confidently pitches wearing her clear Game Face Sports Safety Mask and answers proudly to the nickname 'Zoro, the Masked Avenger' ".

-Debbie Alexander, Texarkana, Texas

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